About The Catholic Media Association

At no time in history has the ability existed for communicators to deliver message and content to so broad an audience so effectively, and so inexpensively. Media is changed forever!

With the convergence of all media and the ever-expanding role of the new technologies, the pool of those who use the new media to communicate is rapidly expanding. We want to provide a home, a resource and a community for them all.

The Catholic Media Association is called to build a community of faith for Catholic communicators.

We are sending out a call to all Catholics who are involved in media and communications to participate.

You may be:
• A broadcaster in traditional Radio and TV or over the Internet
• A journalist for print or online media outlets
• A Catholic school administrator, librarian or media specialist
• A media specialist for a major ministry or apostolate.
• A person involved in diocesan or parish communications.
• A writer in any genre
• A videographer or photographer
• A graphic designer, web designer, or illustrator
• A blogger or podcaster.
• A professional in social networking application development
• Just someone who is interested in Catholic media

All of these areas of interest have a place in the future of technology. The Catholic Media Association is the gathering place for interdisciplinary collaboration and deepening of skills in the various disciplines.

TCMA is not just Catholic in name but in heart. Our personal commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church is not just a component of the association; it is the core around which all aspects of our mission will be formed. We intend to stimulate a faith dimension designed to encourage spiritual formation and maturity in Christ.

For more information about The Catholic Media Association, email rwsly@catholic.org.

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